Good to Know…

Arriving Late

If your family is running late in the morning and you arrive after the door at the top of the stairs is closed, please bring your child to the front door (by the parking lot) and ring the doorbell. A staff member will greet you and walk your child to their class.


If your child needs to be absent from school, please email the office at to let us know. If we do not know the reason for your child’s absence, a notification will be sent to you mid-morning.


We encourage families to walk or bike to school as much as possible (please take advantage of our recently installed covered bike racks)! Walking or biking supports mental and physical health as well as being better for our planet.  However, we recognize that sometimes families need to drive and our parking lot is very small. We ask that you consider parking on the west side of Fell Street in the two-hour parking zone.  There is a gate in the fence along Fell Street that you can use to cross the playground to our meeting area. There is also two-hour parking along Bank Street which is another good option. Please respect residential only parking signs; we want to be good neighbours!

Snacks/Lunch/Pack in, Pack out

We encourage families to use re-usable containers as much as possible to reduce garbage. Our school district has a pack-in/pack-out policy for elementary schools. This ensures containers are recycled through community recycling programs and lets you see how much of the food you send is eaten by your child. We strongly encourage children to bring water bottles for drinks, rather than juice.

Allergy Aware

All schools in our district are allergy aware. Classrooms with a specific allergy have a sign on the door and the teacher notifies families about specific allergens to avoid sending with your child.

Indoor/Outdoor Shoes

If you are able to send an extra pair of running shoes that your child can keep at school it would be appreciated. This helps keep the carpet and other materials in the classroom clean, especially as we move into the fall and our schoolyard becomes muddy. Children have opportunities to run, climb, and play in the gym and outside so please ensure their footwear is safe for those activities (i.e. no flip flops please).